Ten years ago, the benefits of tracking steps and understanding sleep were not well understood outside highly controlled health environments such as sleep clinics, research facilities and exercise physiology labs.  These days, insights about sleep and steps are available at your fingertips through wearable and smartphone apps. Lightkeeper intends to do the same for stress.

Lightkeeper empowers individuals with information and insights to embrace and promote the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

PROTECT developed technology to assist individuals to recognize and manage stress. Lightkeeper Group recently acquired the Intellectual Property of and related Technology from the Miroma Project Factory.

Lightkeeper Group is reviewing the go-to-market strategy for products and integrating technology from the Miroma Project Factory into the Lightkeeper platform.


The World Stress Index will become a landmark study, representing 95% of the world’s adult population. It is  designed by subject matter experts and administered in up to 150 languages, by thousands of specially trained interviewers. 

The World Stress Index will then publish a report to provide information and insights to inform organisations and empower individuals to promote mental and physical wellness to improve the wellbeing of the world.

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